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Our Professional Think Tanks, and Expert Analyst

Defining what our client ultimate financial Goals is essential to success. Analysing the level of risk, risk ratio to satisfy the clients level of comfort for profits. What safekeeping mechanisms need to be in place? Securing international trade contracts, What assets can be effectively utilised? The need for insurance products to minimise risk to capital ratios, Comprehensive planning to meet your financial goals.


Precision in our Execution of your Success

Once the plan and risk have been determined We execute those plans with Precision. Taking all care and attention to timely results, Our goals are your goals. carefulness - heed - correctness - definiteness - exactitude - exactness - fidelity - meticulousness - nicety - particularity - preciseness -sureness - definitiveness - definitude.



The strength of any bank to secure and maintain a strong asset base. With continued growth and expertise in the monetizing and managing of asset for capital requirements to project funding sets us apart from ordinary banks. Our asset base, gold vaults secure Eastech International for future generations to come.


Management Team

Eastech International offers private customers with our team of experienced financial experts, for international banking, legal and insurance. Our experts have years of professional expertise, with the foundation of growth and support for our your younger staff, allowing them to shine through. Maintaining long term stability for for longevity and continued success for the future of Eastech for generations to come.


Success Come Through Planning

  • - Clarifying your primary goals
  • - Establishing your company core values
  • - Understanding your organisations core values
  • - Strategic planning solutions
  • - When internal company weaknesses are
  • - Mitigating possible areas of weakness in the strategy
  • - Defining Long and short term goals
  • - Establishing attainable yearly objectives
  • - Streamline Action Plans to success


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