Our Services

Corporate Services

Forward a message today to find out how we can assist in your banking needs. Tell us a little about your situation, and we will have one of our client specialists contact you within 24 to 36 hours.

  • Structured Finance & Acquisition Finance

    Our Corporate and Finance teams will tailor finance structures to suit every clients unique needs.

  • Margin/ Collateral Lending

    Our structured products for Margin/collateral lending allows our clients to leverage their equity investments to maximize their returns by borrowing against liquid shares traded on and exchange.

  • Project Finance

    We tailor financing facilities for any kind of project — from farming, construction, to infrastructure projects, agriculture and science and energy among a few. Granting High Leverage ratios for long tenors.

  • Syndicated Loans

    Underwriting and arranging syndicated loans, Eastech has earned a solid reputation as a facility agent, Mandated lead arrangements, security agent, account bank and global coordinator, book runner.

  • PPP and BOT projects

    Managing and producing financing for mega-infrastructure projects, whether Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) or Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Eastech's solid track record in project finance, results in financing structures professionally detailed enough to meet project requirements while being sound enough to protect senior lenders.

Debt Capital

  • Corporate Bonds

    Eastech has arranged, underwritten and advised on several corporate bond transactions in the debt capital market, maintaining recognition as a market leader

  • Securitization

    Eastech is an active player in the securitization market with our continued plans to develop growth potentials.

  • Commercial Papers

    Commercial papers are a tool for funding working capital requirements Like corporate bonds, and short-term need through the debt capital market. The tenor on commercial papers is usually less than a year.

Investment Banking

Financial Advisory

  • Mergers & Acquisitions M&A

    As a financial institution, we are able to fund and market and acquisition through our in-house underwriting and book-keeping services. Our investment banking and corporate finance teams will advise you on potential M&A opportunities and guide you along to close the transaction. Eastech is distinguished from other investment banks being the ability to fund and market an acquisition transaction through its underwriting and book running capabilities.

  • IPOs and Private Placements in Primary and Secondary Markets

    Private placements, our team will consult with the clients on determining the optimum price according to valuations and market testing. We assist with the information and dissemination process and obtaining all necessary approvals. Our team will assist in the appointment of legal, financial and technical advisors and help the client determine the offering size based on valuations and market testing. Our team will manage the preparation of all regulatory requirements providing the clients with peace of mind.

  • Capital Restructure

    Through our teams expertise and accumulated experience, Eastech will advise our clients on optimal capital structures, offering the most suitable restructuring and reorganization plan, both financially and operationally. We aim to maximize investment return to shareholders through establishing an optimum capital structure. In that sense, our team analyzes the different alternatives of investment decisions along with its financing sources.

  • Buy or Sell Side Financial Advisory

    Our. corporate finance teams will be involved in negotiating the terms of any transaction, draft the necessary documentation and conduct valuation on behalf of the client.

Other Investment Banking Services

  • Escrow Account Bank

    Eastech is licensed to act as an escrow agent

  • Placement Agent

    Eastech is licensed to receive placements of stocks or bonds in private or public offerings, Eastech are equipped with customized automated systems throughout its vast branch of network facilitating in the process accurately and securely.

Insurance Solutions

  • Insurance

    • - Life insurance;
    • - Credit insurance;
    • - Insurance Against Misadventure of any kind;
    • - Performance Bond Insurance;
    • - Marine Insurance;
    • - Surety Bond Insurance;
    • - Marine Insurance;
    • - Investment Insurance.
  • Private contracted Escrow

  • Fixed & variable annuity

  • Reinsurance for political risk, trade & premium

  • Counter-Insure

  • Insurance Brokerage

Real Estate & Precious Metals

  • Eastech International Bank Ltd assists to

    • - acquire
    • - develop
    • - hold
    • - sale
    • - trade
    • - exchange
    • - dispose
    • - mortgage

    of real property, precious metals, natural resources.

Financial & Legal

  • Eastech International Bank offers a variety of financial and leagal services. Among them:

    • - Inventory Financing;
    • - Power of Collections;
    • - Hold Patents;
    • - Make Acquisitions;
    • - be Registered in Foreign Countries;
    • - Sell Annuities;
    • - Create or Set Aside Outside Of The Company a Special Fund;
    • - Sell Endowments;
    • - Act as Pension Advisor;
    • - Real estate investment trust (REIT).

    Please inquire for other specialized legal services.

Account Services

  • Eastech International Bank helps in:

    • - Deposit Taking;
    • - Lending;
    • - Current accounts;
    • - Checking accounts;
    • - Savings accounts;
    • - Term deposits;
    • - Personal Accounts;
    • - Company Accounts;
    • - Trust Accounts.

Trade - Local & International

  • Eastech International Bank offers:

    • - Credit card services;
    • - Debit card services;
    • - ACH transactions;
    • - Payment processing services;
    • - Cash management services;
    • - CDs;
    • - Wire transfers (SWIFT);
    • - Issuing of financial guarantees and instruments.

Funds & Securities

  • Eastech International Bank provides:

    • - Fund management;
    • - Marketing of investments;
    • - Eastech International Bank Ltd can become the signatory of any commercial paper, debt obligation, bonds, stocks, securities, subscription agreements, and any other evidence of indebtedness document;
    • - Securities Holding;
    • - Securities Issuance;
    • - European Stock Exchange placement;
    • - Holding of SKRs for in-ground assets, digital assets and commodities.

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